Hamm brings the Theremin to life.”


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Legendary Vancouver music man Stephen Hamm is releasing a new single January 1st 2021 of psychedelic electronica, featuring the tracks, ‘Listen to the Sound of the Sun’ and “Inner Voice’ Fans can pick up the 45rpm 7” vinyl as well as the usual digital outlets

(www.stephenhamm.ca) for just $10.

“Listen to the Sound of the Sun” tells the mesmerizing tale of a race of beings who look to the sun as their god only to discover that it is they who are the real gods. This groovy psychedelic freak-out features the theremin playing of Stephen Hamm, with Shawn Mrazek (Nardwuar and the Evaporators, Doers, Notes from the Underground) on drums and Elliot Langford (SSRIs, Rebel Spell, Freak Dream) on guitar.

The B-side tune, “Inner Voice,” takes the listener on a psychedelic journey of self- discovery. Inspired by Gestalt and humanistic therapy pioneer Fritz Perls and the alternative teachings of the Esalen Institute in Big Sur California, it is a sly take on the booming self-help industry of the 1960’s.

A seminal figure in Vancouver’s influential music scene, Hamm has played in a number of storied West Coast acts, including Nardwuar and the Evaporators, Canned Hamm, Slow and Tankhog. His latest solo project focuses on the theremin, an esoteric instrument that is played without touch. Following the success of his well-received 2019 album, “Theremin Man,” this 7” delves even further into the creative with an adventurous odyssey into psychedelic electronic worlds.

Combining his larger-than-life personality with the theremin and synthesizer during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, Space Hamm takes you on a musical journey into new dimensions!

Stephen Hamm: Theremin Man discusses his journey from playing in legendary Vancouver bands such as Slow and The Evaporators to communing with the universe as a theremin-wielding one-man band.”

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