I'm happy to announce I'm now doing not only private concerts over Zoom but I'm doing presentations on the wonderful and unique instrument: the Theremin.  I go over the workings, the history and also give a performance on the Theremin. Perfect for K-4 or older. Also great for friends, family or team building at work! Email me for more information!

"Recently, our grades 4/5 students went on a Theremin adventure which was sparked by the google culture slide show on the theremin. We watched some videos, looked at historical information, and had lots of wonders about the instrument. Thanks to one of our colleagues for passing along the information connecting me to the talented Theremin Man Stephen Hamm.  We had a zoom session with him  which was inspiring and very fun.  Stephen was super engaging, clearly explained details and answered our very long list of questions. I am super glad I connected with him".

          -Sophia Francescutti , Teacher/ Performing Arts Educator,

        Pleasant Valley Elementary,  Nanaimo, B.C.