As many of you are aware as of late I’ve taken up playing the Theremin.  Why you ask?

Well first off I’ve always been drawn to the odd,  the eccentric and the magic of little known instruments and artist.

The theremin  is an early electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the thereminist (performer). It is named after the Westernized name of its Russian inventor, Léon Theremin (Термéн), who patented the device in 1928.

You play it by interacting with the magnetic fields produced by the antennae, the vertical one controls pitch, the horizontal volume.  Some say it’s as hard to play as a violin.  I’m enjoying the challenge and finding playing fulfilling rewarding and fun!

Here’s a demo reel I created to show me playing.  Look for more updates for when and where I’ll be playing the Theremin.  Also I’ve incorporated it into my One Man Band act which is playing around town at various musical venues!


I’m super excited to announce my new project  HAMM: ONE MAN BAND is playing the Katsahlano Street Festival this Saturday, July 9th, 4:15 at the Fourth and Trafalgar Stage!

Looking forward to seeing everyone and stayed tuned for more about my new act!

Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of working on a multimedia project with my old friend Bruce Wilson called Sunday Morning. It’s a book, an album of music, a podcast and a website! A little overwhelming I know!  What I’ve contributed is music and production for the album that accompanies the book.  I had the pleasure of working with some of my favourite Vancouver musicians: Coco Culbertson (The Gay and Choir Practice) on bass,  Justin Leigh (Pluto) and Pete Bourne (Copyright, Destroyer) on drums, Kevin Rose (The Wongs, Tankhog) and Rolf Heatherington (Pluto) on guitar and many other great players.  We recorded at Afterlife Studios and did overdubs and mixed at my Studio Little Red Sound.  Here’s the first song to come out: Come The Rain. The video was done by the very talented Mr. R.D. Cane.  Stay tune for more…

I’m super stoked to be recording, producing and engineering bands at Little Red Sounds with my pal Felix Fung. Recently I got to record Viewmaster a new Vancouver band featuring John Johnston of Slow Learners fame. We recorded six songs and here’s a taste of what we did. Enjoy!



It’s been one year since my last post. That’s a whole year of business that hasn’t been documented. Well my dear reader it’s time for me to catch you up with what’s been going on with my life. I’ve been playing and recording music, recording other people’s music and generally having fun. Stay tuned for that and what’s coming up!

Well it’s the New Year. I have so many plans and things to accomplish. Music cues to write, an album to finish and one to start.
On New Years Eve I started feeling feverish and lethargic. I was coming down with something. We were only two weeks into winter and I was getting my second debilitating illness. I already had the flu even though I got a flu shot.
So here’s the problem: We make all these plans for a new year and it’s only really the beginning of Winter: the fallow season. It’s a time to lay low to go to sleep early. Heck it’s dark at 4:30 why would you want to do anything else? But no we tell ourselves and each other this is the time to make new plans and to dig into them. I have always thought “Well there’s nothing going on, this is a good time to accomplish all the things I didn’t get around to during Spring, Summer and Fall. Fall is usually the most productive time of year for me. I’m like a squirrel gathering nuts or a bear getting fat preparing for hibernation. Busy, Busy, Busy! And then the flurry of activity that surrounds the Christmas season. Hell we’re just ramping up for an incredibly productive winter! Heck we can go skiing, fly south to where the weather supports our ambitions of productivity so we can play in the sun and the surf just like we do here in the North.
I was driving the bus out in farm county on the outskirts of Coquitlam a few weeks ago and was talking to a woman in her early sixties. She had moved out there to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I told her that once I had tried to retire at the age of forty and now I had to work to pay that off. She said one of the tricks she had learned in life is to listen to your body and your energy levels. Not just on a day to day basis but for different times in your life. Just because you have low energy doesn’t mean that higher energy times aren’t ahead. It’s just that right now these are low energy times. I’ve been told this over and over again. Part of the flow of life is acknowledging and accepting that we are part of nature that we flow with the seasons. Is my body telling me it’s time to slow down? Is that why i got sick? I read somewhere that you are susceptible to illness when your immune system is weak and your amuse system is weak because there are a lot of week and sick cells in your body that are harming you. If a virus comes along and is able to overwhelm your amuse system its because you need that virus to come in and clean out all of your existing sickness. It kills what is already ailing you. Getting sick is in a way the ultimate cleanse. Your body and immune system recuperate. You get better and stronger. Or it kills you off completely. That’s not happening right now, I count my blessings.
So this year I accept that winter is a time of death and renewal. That I will get better and that my energy and productivity will return as the Crocuses bloom and Spring arrives in a few months. Until then, I’m planning a trip to Southern California!

Goodbye 2014. Another trip around the sun as we hurtle through space towards, another trip around the sun. This is my 50th year living and breathing.
It is my 50th year of consciousness and the biggest revelation to me this year is that I’m probably past the half way mark of experiencing life on earth and to my knowledge the only time I will ever be alive ever in history in this reality. I don’t remember any past lives. I don’t have concrete evidence that there is anything after this or other realities or universes. I don’t believe in heaven or hell. These are ideas that come from the ancients, the same people that told us that thunder meant the Gods were angry. I have my spiritual belief that i will live on. This is loosely based in science in that the molecules in my body have been around for billions of years in other forms, as I slough off skin and sweat and excrete dead cells I am slowly returning to the earth but at the same time I’m being nourished and regrown as I take in air, water and food. Eventually the chemical reactions that animate this organism that is me will cease. I will die. The chemical reactions in my brain will stop and my consciousness that has been labeled Stephen Hamm will stop.
Really that’s it.
I’ve noticed that through movies, books, stories and history we tend to assume that we are some how immortal. We build ourselves a past that reaches back thousands of years before our personal conception and we build a future through our imaginations that may or may not come to fruition after our deaths. I think this is one reason why science fiction is so popular. Hypotheses of great civilizations or dreary grey hell. But somehow we’re able to trick ourselves into believing that we were there in the past and we’ll be around in two hundred years. We won’t. All we have is now and now and now and eventually there won’t be a now.
When one is young this is a cerebral concept that you nod you’re head at and go “Ya man, I hear ya ‘cause I’m gonna be a member of the 27 club”. But this year I began to really feel it more than conceptualize it. So what to do about this? I’ve been working hard the last ten years to overcome developmental and lived trauma and to heal the mental, emotional, mental and physical manifestations of these afflictions: addiction, depression, relationship chaos anxiety and exhaustion.
It’s been hard work. I’m a member of a a twelve step program, I’ve worked extensively with a therapist. Two years ago I sought help at a residential treatment facility for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I quit drinking, drugging and smoking. I’ve changed my line of work, a few times and now I’m working on my physical health by loosing weight exercising, getting proper sleep. Over the last few months I’ve implemented a budget and have started getting my financial house in order. These last items on what as I write it down is looking like a really substantial list.
Two years ago my dear friend Terry and I started a podcast called What Are You Gonna Do? The idea was to talk to people who we thought had their shit together and glean knowledge from them as to how to get our shit together. I recently watched a TED talk (yes I watch such things). It was by a woman named Summer Beretsky and she talked about the idea that what drives and fulfills us is Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose.
As I gain control over my life I realized that I am achieving these things.
At the beginning of my journey in recovery I was involved in a program to help you figure out a career path. I was stuck in a job I deemed ‘a Golden Handcuff Job’ because it paid well but it no way helped me achieve any of the above curriculum. In one of the workshops the presenter talked about how we have to fulfill certain things in our live, pass certain road signs if you will to achieve fulfillment in life. One of those was at a certain age one must make the shift from student to teacher. I feel that might be where I am in life. I will always be a life long student. Everything I’ve been working on for the past decade and everything I experience prior to that both positive and negative may be able to help others. I’ve seen in twelve step fellowship how the experience of others has helped me to sort out my story. Maybe that’s where I’m at in life.
I will continue to learn and to build on what I’ve learned and to put into action what I’ve learned. This year I’m gonna keep on keeping on start writing about my experience thus far in life and maybe by the end of it I will feel like I’ve lived a life with purpose. Stay tuned for more.


Of all the significant dates around this time of year the Winter Solstice has become most important to me.
It makes sense. This is the shortest day of the year, a time of dying and of rebirth. The Pagans celebrated Christmas with large feists and bonfires in the long dark nights. They ate as long as the Yule log burned. The Yule log comes from the Norsemen and sometimes it would burn for days!
Now I’m no expert in paganism or such. I get all my info articles posted by my friends on Facebook. But I am starting to get a feeling I may be Pagan.
In Christianity the biggest celebration of the year was Easter until it was decided in the fourth century they needed something to compete with the Roman celebration of Saturnalia which lasted from December seventeenth to the twenty third, right at the end of Winter Solstice. So it was decided Christ’s Birthday would be celebrated on December twenty fifth. An arbitrary day for a mythical deity. But that’s for another blog!
If you dig all our Christmas traditions and rituals come from somewhere else. An amalgam of Pagan, Babylonian, Norse, Egyptian,Wiccan.
For me I feel the solstice. The more in touch with I become with myself, the more I realize the ebb and flow of my energy my emotions and my moods, the more in touch I become with the seasons. The more I become in touch with the seasons the more I come in touch with my inner being the emotional ape that tries to decipher his feelings with the frontal cortex of his brain. Last night after a reinvigorating session of Yin yoga I was walking home. There was an electricity in the air. The skies were dark but alive. I felt in touch and part of the universe. My place on the Earth hurtling around the sun. My connection to the consciousness of others, my environment and the cosmos around me. We are stardust.
So I being the New Year not at the end of the calendar month but today. In the future I want to look more closely at the celebration of Solstice of dying and rebirth but for now I count my blessing to be right here right now. I will use the next couple of weeks to reflect on the year that has passed and to ponder what will happen on our next trip around the sun.