I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to travel in early December to Oakland to take lessons and participate in Theremin workshops with renowned Thereminist Dorit Chrysler . It took place in a very cool warehouse loft run by OK Stereo.  I also got to spend the week with my old friend Lev Delaney and who showed me around Oakland and of course took me to some of Oakland’s best restaurants.  Dorit was a gracious teacher.  We talked a lot about Theremin and how exciting it is to share enthusiasm for this unique and still unexplored instrument!47579399_10156837861549913_3797066658091106304_n

2017 saw the rerelease of Against The Glass, my band from the 80’s break through EP originally put out by Zulu Records, this time by Artoffact Records.  To promote the release Slow reformed in December of 2017 and did three sold out shows at Vancouver’s Fox Theatre to widespread acclaim.  That was followed up by a sold out ten night stand at the legendary Penthouse Cabaret in March of 2018 and an Eastern Canadian tour.  You can find out more at thisisslow.com.  Stay tuned for more…slow

IMG_1274.JPG This summer I had the extraordinary opportunity to travel to Colmar, France to take Theremin lessons from two of the finest Theremin players in the world, Thierry Frenkel and Carolina Eyck.  The academy drew players, twenty in all, from all over Europe and North America.  Over five days I took private lessons from Carolina and participated in workshops about advanced theremin playing, improvisation and instrument maintenance.  I had the privilege to sit in on  practices of Thierry’s theremin ensemble comprised of players from all over Europe.  After long days of classes I got to socialize with new friends at a cafe in the Colmar town square in the shadow of a medieval church.  I can hardly wait to attend another academy. What a life altering experience!

As many of you are aware as of late I’ve taken up playing the Theremin.  Why you ask?

Well first off I’ve always been drawn to the odd,  the eccentric and the magic of little known instruments and artist.

The theremin  is an early electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact by the thereminist (performer). It is named after the Westernized name of its Russian inventor, Léon Theremin (Термéн), who patented the device in 1928.

You play it by interacting with the magnetic fields produced by the antennae, the vertical one controls pitch, the horizontal volume.  Some say it’s as hard to play as a violin.  I’m enjoying the challenge and finding playing fulfilling rewarding and fun!

Here’s a demo reel I created to show me playing.  Look for more updates for when and where I’ll be playing the Theremin.  Also I’ve incorporated it into my One Man Band act which is playing around town at various musical venues!


I’m super excited to announce my new project  HAMM: ONE MAN BAND is playing the Katsahlano Street Festival this Saturday, July 9th, 4:15 at the Fourth and Trafalgar Stage!

Looking forward to seeing everyone and stayed tuned for more about my new act!

Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of working on a multimedia project with my old friend Bruce Wilson called Sunday Morning. It’s a book, an album of music, a podcast and a website! A little overwhelming I know!  What I’ve contributed is music and production for the album that accompanies the book.  I had the pleasure of working with some of my favourite Vancouver musicians: Coco Culbertson (The Gay and Choir Practice) on bass,  Justin Leigh (Pluto) and Pete Bourne (Copyright, Destroyer) on drums, Kevin Rose (The Wongs, Tankhog) and Rolf Heatherington (Pluto) on guitar and many other great players.  We recorded at Afterlife Studios and did overdubs and mixed at my Studio Little Red Sound.  Here’s the first song to come out: Come The Rain. The video was done by the very talented Mr. R.D. Cane.  Stay tune for more…

I’m super stoked to be recording, producing and engineering bands at Little Red Sounds with my pal Felix Fung. Recently I got to record Viewmaster a new Vancouver band featuring John Johnston of Slow Learners fame. We recorded six songs and here’s a taste of what we did. Enjoy!