About Me

18196056_10155235857084913_1918812305_oI have been a pivotal member of there Vancouver Music and Arts scene for over 25 years.  I’ve played in bands like Slow, Tankhog, Copyright, Canned Hamm and currently the Evaporators with Nardwuar the Human Serviette.  I play bass, keyboards and sing.   The Georgia Straight once called me “semi legendary”.  Most recently I’ve been doing shows with my brand new act HAMM: ONE MAN BAND. It gives me the opportunity to do what I’m best at: engaging with an audience and helping people let loose and have fun.  I’ve travelled the globe as an entertainer and I’ve seen a lot of people with giant smiles on their faces. I’ve most recently turned my attention to mastering the Theremin and have been taking classes in Europe and the U.S.A. and becoming more and more a part of the global Theremin community.

As well I’ve worked as a composer and sound design for movies and television shows.

You can hear all about me and my exploits with longtime friend and co-conspirator Terry Russell on out podcast Waddayagonnado.

As well as working on HAMM: ONE MAN BAND I’ve produced music for other bands such as Sunday Morning and Viewmaster at Little Red Sounds in Vancouver Canada!


  1. Dude, thank you for coming to my little birthday party! We should hang some more! I also sing (well, choirs mostly). Also glad to see a new blog on the blogosphere! And I also have a few Evaporators bootlegs around here somewhere.

  2. Steve
    its been about a hundred years. ran across your web site.

    Been recently jamming (2 years ago) with eric (Zyrian).

    Looks like you are doing awesome with your music and what you wanted to do.

    Jamming with a couple of bands now. If you are up for a casual jam sometime time let me know,usually we play off main or pandoras. we are just casual probably not your league….but

    would be great to hear from you.

    rob m/byng

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