Building an Open Theremin

Recently I ordered an Open Theremin kit from Gaudi Labs of Switzerland. A couple weeks later it showed up in the mail. A couple days later a second Theremin kit showed up. I contacted Urs at Gaudi Labs he made a mistake and accidentally sent me a second. No problem I told him I’d find someone else who would like the kit. I reached out to Haig Armen, professor of Interactive Design at Emily Carr University, wicked jazz guitar player and master tinkerer. Haig is on sabatical and has been posting some neat gadgets he’s been working on on Facebook. When I asked him if he’d like the second kit he was happy to take it off my hands and even invited me over to his workshop so we could spend a morning assembling the kits. There’s some soldering involved and there’s an Arduino micro controller as part of the Open Theremin kit which you have to attach and program. Haig has lots of experience in this so I was grateful for his time and expertise in helping me put my Theremin together. We both are pretty happy with our Theremins The Open Theremin is a fully playable instrument with a lot of great sounds and functionality. Thanks to Haig and to Gaudi Labs. I look forward to building another Open Theremin!

Open Theremin V3.

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