Of all the significant dates around this time of year the Winter Solstice has become most important to me.
It makes sense. This is the shortest day of the year, a time of dying and of rebirth. The Pagans celebrated Christmas with large feists and bonfires in the long dark nights. They ate as long as the Yule log burned. The Yule log comes from the Norsemen and sometimes it would burn for days!
Now I’m no expert in paganism or such. I get all my info articles posted by my friends on Facebook. But I am starting to get a feeling I may be Pagan.
In Christianity the biggest celebration of the year was Easter until it was decided in the fourth century they needed something to compete with the Roman celebration of Saturnalia which lasted from December seventeenth to the twenty third, right at the end of Winter Solstice. So it was decided Christ’s Birthday would be celebrated on December twenty fifth. An arbitrary day for a mythical deity. But that’s for another blog!
If you dig all our Christmas traditions and rituals come from somewhere else. An amalgam of Pagan, Babylonian, Norse, Egyptian,Wiccan.
For me I feel the solstice. The more in touch with I become with myself, the more I realize the ebb and flow of my energy my emotions and my moods, the more in touch I become with the seasons. The more I become in touch with the seasons the more I come in touch with my inner being the emotional ape that tries to decipher his feelings with the frontal cortex of his brain. Last night after a reinvigorating session of Yin yoga I was walking home. There was an electricity in the air. The skies were dark but alive. I felt in touch and part of the universe. My place on the Earth hurtling around the sun. My connection to the consciousness of others, my environment and the cosmos around me. We are stardust.
So I being the New Year not at the end of the calendar month but today. In the future I want to look more closely at the celebration of Solstice of dying and rebirth but for now I count my blessing to be right here right now. I will use the next couple of weeks to reflect on the year that has passed and to ponder what will happen on our next trip around the sun.

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