Cheers to my New York Dolls tribute band PUSS’N’BOOTS!

Puss’n’boots (from left to right back) Hairy Nylon, David Jo Handsome, Syl Vous Plait, Awful Kane, Skyrockets At Night (middle) Joanie Blunders (front)

“Did you hear? Hamm and Terry are playing in a New York Dolls Tribute band.  The catch is Terry is singing and Hamm’s playing guitar!”  Yes ladies and gentlemen the semi-legendary rhythm section of Slow and Tankhog are back but this time we ain’t playin’ bass and drums, I’m playing guitar and Terry is fulfilling every drummer’s true dream of fronting a band!

Terry approached me a few months back to play keys but I said “No way! I wanna play guitar!” See I’m not a very good guitar player which I thought would be perfect for a New York Dolls cover band.  The good news is Terry is an excellent singer (I’ve known this for decades) he just needed to find the right fit.  And his homage to David Johansen (or David Jo Handsome as Terry likes to be called) is just that. We’re been joined by rhythm section par excellence: Scott Beadle as Hairy Nylon and Cowbella Lugosi as Awful Kane.  But to me the star of the show is the one and only Seanna Gnaw as Joanie Blunders (Johnny Thunders).  Pure badass!

When we were offered the opening slot for Led Zeppelin tribute act Femme Zeppelin we couldn’t say no!  So after a few practices (I insisted we keep that nonsense to a minimum) we arrived at the Fairview Pub last night armed with guitars, high heels, mascara, tights and enough bravado to make up for the lack of practice.  And it worked! We blasted and swaggered through our set.  I yelled at the soundman (he singlehandedly made a mediocre room sound even worse), I yelled at Cowbella, at Terry and at Scott they all yelled back at me (they’re not ones to put up with my bullshit!), Cowbella threatened to leave, Terry threatened to quit and Seanna threatened to nod off during every shreddin’ guitar solo! we managed to rollick and roll our way through nine songs and had the fabulous singing trio Skyrockets In Flight join us for Stranded In The Jungle, Trash and Pills.  They saved our asses and the show.  Oh by the way so did the audience.  They were enthusiastic loving and hell even dancing!  So thank you Vancouver for allowing me to have an a lot of fun last night to entertain you and to dress up like an over exuberant, overweight soccer dad in drag.  I’m sure you all have fond and slightly damaging memories of our performance.  Can’t wait to do it again!

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  1. Hi Stephen,

    Our band just had a really horrible experience with Hans, the soundman at the Fairview Pub last Saturday. We are putting together some information in a letter of complaint to the pub to let them know the bad experiences we and other bands have had there.

    I noticed your blog about this and wonder if you would forward your complaint to me either anonymously or you could identify yourself, which would be ideal. We are just wanting to improve the sound reinforcement there!


    Hugh Fraser

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