Hurray For Record Store Day!

Evaporators eating cheese at Neptoon Records

Thanks to Ben, Rob and Vicki Frith of Neptoon Records for hosting us Evaporators and many other excellent local bands and allowing us to play in their store yesterday for Record Store Day 2013!

Buying records was an integral part of growing up for me. I remember going to Charles Bogle Records on Tenth Avenue.  Finding Beatles Records with the Apple logo was a big deal for me, The Beatle’s Yesterday and Today Butcher cover got me excited and then British pressings of The Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks and Great Rock and Roll Swindle were big scores.  There were Bootlegs of the New Yardbirds and The Rolling Stones, second hand copies of Elton John and Alice Cooper records.  For the more mainstream it was off to A&B Records and Tapes on Seymour for Fleetwood Mac, 10cc and Boston records for five bux. I got a copy of Tom Petty’s Damn the Torpedos from the record department at the Bay, taped it and returned it within the week to exchange it for Black Sabbath’s Children Of The Grave (this was kinda my precursor to downloading for free!). But it was the small independent stores that really shaped my musical tastes back then.  A trip to Quintessence Records (now Zulu Records) on Fourth Avenue was rewarded with copies of D.O.A.’s Disco Sucks, The Pointed Sticks Real Thing and I Braineater’s first EP.  Weekly trips to any of these locations to buy big twelve inch records in all their glory with fold out sleeves with pictures to look at and liner notes while listening to the music on vinyl through my parents stereo was more than a leisure activity, it was my education.

Later on I got to release a seven inch single and an twelve inch Ep on vinyl for Zulu Records with my band Slow.  I’m grateful that we got to record to tape, mix and master with analogue equipment and release on vinyl.

I’ve gotten lazy these days. I buy music on Itunes, or download bittorents.  CD’s ruined everything.  They slowly degraded the esthetic of listening to music and looking at bands.

So it’s great to see people getting excited about buying vinyl again.  Vinyl has overtaken CD as the second most popular way to listen to music these days.  That’s an improvement. My vinyl collection is starting to make a come back.  I lost all my records in the eighties to a transient lifestyle and a game we used to play called Flame That Tune which involved imbibing in substances and listening to records then burning them in the fireplace.  Not too smart.

I applaud outfits like Zulu Records, Red Cat Records and Neptoon Records for keeping the dream alive. Also thanks to the Frith family for the hospitality, the refreshments the tasty cheese plates and keeping music buying fun!

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