cypress bowl
On top of the world!

It’s been just over a week since my return from South By South West.  It took me five days to rest up.  I was feeling low.  The world seemed a little pale.  For five days I lived the high life, playing shows, meeting celebrities, being dogged by Nardwuar’s adoring fans every ten feet as we tried to move about the streets of Austin.  Good times with good friends.  I am grateful for my life in Vancouver.  I have a great apartment in a lovely building with fantastic neighbours, I’m living off the procedes of my composing career, I’m working on some fantastic new projects that I’m excited to tell you about in coming blog entries. I have fantastic, creative and supportive friends here in Vancouver.  I also have to clean the cat box, chop wood and carry water so to speak (The cat box is not a figure of speech it’s just plain disgusting). It’s all part of living the dream but it can be a real come down.

I’ve also been through some personal trials and the end of my primary relationship in the last couple months.  With joy there comes sadness and if you don’t feel the sadness and process it there will be no room for joy.  Joy is what makes me tick.

I decided this week to look back and see what used to bring me joy before I played rock’n’roll music and did all the things that make me happy these days.

The sun came out earlier this week and I decided to head on up to Cypress Bowl and go skiing.  I’ve skied twice in the last twenty years, last time I did it I was smoking two packs a day and almost died on the hill.  It’s been eight years since I gave up the lung darts so I figure maybe just maybe I can hack it now.  I drove up there, by myself, rented some boards (I’m old school, I like two of them), got me a lift ticket and got on the chairlift.  That was the first hurdle.  Now I have to get off the lift.  I was a little shaky but managed to with out much trouble.  After one run on an easy slope I was ready for intermediate.  This was like riding a bike!  My legs burned but I was doing okay.  The blood coursing through my veins the brisk mountain air, the serenity of being at the top of the world is a rush! From the top of Cypress you can see all of Vancouver on one side, all the way up to Gibson’s on the other.  It’s breath taking.  I felt a sense of joy and wonder returning.

I managed to get four hours in.  Turns out I’m in better shape that I was ten years ago and I’m actually a pretty damn good skier.  Most of all it was a ton of fun.  Can’t wait to pick up some cheap skis and return to the slopes next year.

I made it through another Vancouver winter and I gotta say I’m excited about this up coming year.  I like writing these little blogs. I look forward to sharing some new adventures with you and also revisiting some stories from the past.  It helps me to feel grateful for my life and hopefully we’ll get in a few laughs along the way.

Stay tuned for more…

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