Mint Records Dinner

Dragged my ass out of bed at around ten o’clock.  Really starting to feel burnt out now.  Manage to make it to the Taco Shack for breakfast and then across the street to the convention centre.  There I’m treated to acoustic sets by Emmy Lou Harris, Rodney Crowell and Iron and Wine.  The for from the previous nights shenanigans starts to clear.  I decide to head back to the hotel for a hot tub and then to soak up the midday Austin sun.  It’s 27 degrees out.  A nice change from Vancouver Rain.

Then it’s back to the convention centre to help out Nardwuar and our camera man Tyler aka The King Of Spring Break.  First up we have an up and coming rapper by the name of Trinidad James.  His big hit is ‘All Gold Everything’.  He’s really into gold.  Speaking of big hits the next interview is with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.  ‘Thriftshop’ is their big hit.  Nice cats. They present Nardwuar with a beautiful hand painted jean jacket… with Nardwuar on the back.

Trinidad James, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

I’m getting my second wind just in time for the Mint Records dinner at Iron Works BBQ.  This is amazing.  I have the beef brisket.  They also have a salad bar.  Four days in the states and fresh vegetables is a rare treat!  Refueled we head off for the evenings celebrations.  Nardwuar is accosted every ten feet by adoring fans wanting pictures.  We’re not playing till Saturday so this evening is all about checking out music.  We start at the Belmont to party with Andrew WK.  He and his band is as usual on fire burning through his hits and ending with a rather silly new number by the name of Headbanger.  Much head banging ensues and the show comes to a thundering end.  Next it’s off to Club Deville where we had played the year before to see the all girl English group Savages.  Dressed in black with all lights turned off this dark quartet deftly sliced through the night air with their droning angular angst ridden sounds reminiscent of late 70’s Manchester.  They were riveting.  Then it was off to the Mohawk another club right next store to see Thurston Moore ply his trade with a new band that looked and sounded like Sonic Youth.  But what the heck I love Sonic Youth and enjoy the show immensely.  After we hang out around Thurston’s van (they drove all the way from New York)  joking with Thurston having more pictures taken with Nardwuar and being entertained by Rat Bastard a Miami based producer who has worked with a diverse roster of artists from Thurston to Mecca Normal to Blowfly.  He’s got some great Blowfly stories.  He tells us of a time in the mid eighties when preparing to mix a Blowfly record Mr. Fly showed up for the sessions with numerous Ladies Of the Night.  “Well we’re mixing a party record so we should be partying while we mix” was the explanation.  Makes sense to me.  Oh what a night!

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