Day Two SXSW

My first full day at SXSW.  Already feeling the burn!  Got up and had a lousy breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  It seemed fancy but somehow the food on the buffet table seemed joyless and prepared with less love that a Macdonald’s Mcmuffin.  Thanks corporate America!  But it did fuel me for my day.  After a seminar called ‘Is selling your music to advertisers selling out?'(sic) it was off to work running camera for Nardwuar’s interviews.  First up Haim.  Three delightful sisters born and bred in Los Angeles (Their mother was on the Gong Show twice!).  They all showed up in Nardwuar inspired hats.  A good time was had by all.  Next up was a rapper named Joey Badass. Joey showed up with his crew about twelve kids from the streets of Brooklyn.  It was a bit of a shit show.

Good times with Turbogeist. Jimmy is trying to bite my neck!

The evening started by going to see a band called Turbogeist.  Nard wanted to check them out because they are fronted by Mick Jaggers son Jimmy Jagger.  The band was kick ass punk rock and the even covered a Wiper’s song.  Good blokes.  It was good to hang out with our new English friends and talk about their love for Canadian metal bands like Razor, Voivod and the infamous Toronto promoter Dan Burke.  Next it was up Red River to see one of my faves the Specials.  I had all their albums, knew all the songs.  Singing and dancing was the order of the evening.  Went to bed happy.  Looking forward to day three!

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  1. I love Jimmy’s (I am assuming that is Jimmy) Marshall Crenshaw/Lennon Dakota-esque shades! Loving the blog

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